Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re renting a self storage unit for the first time, have questions about a certain unit type, or need a general refresher, Storage of America has you covered. We’ve gathered a variety of frequently asked storage questions to help you confidently and properly create space in your home or business.

For even more helpful information, you can always contact a Storage of America facility near you. We have locations in the following states:

General Storage Questions

What is self storage?

Self storage is a service that helps residents, business owners, students, and more create the space they need at affordable rates. Whether you need to store furniture for a month while you move, or for the foreseeable future during a military deployment, self storage is a flexible, convenient solution.

How does self storage work?

When you choose self storage from Storage of America, you’ll rent your unit on an affordable month-to-month basis. Additionally, you are responsible for loading and unloading your unit. If you need to grab an item from your unit, just visit during our convenient access hours set by your chosen facility.  

How big are storage units?

Storage units come in a wide variety of sizes. Unit sizes and availability may vary by facility, so contact your nearest Storage of America location for more information. We also have a helpful space calculator to recommend the best unit for everything you plan to store.

How do I pack a self storage unit?

Whether you choose a small 5×5 unit or a massive 10×30 space, pack your heaviest, least-needed items first, followed by your midsize items, and finally, your lightest, easy-to-maneuver belongings. For more advice about packing a storage unit, contact our helpful self storage professionals, or explore our storage tips.

What items are not allowed for self storage?

While self storage has a wide variety of uses, we do not permit the following items to be stored at Storage of America:

Please contact your local Storage of America facility to learn more about what items can and cannot be stored.

What happens when I move out of my storage unit?

We require a minimum 10-day notice before you move out. Your unit must be clean, undamaged, and completely empty at the time of your lease termination.

What documents are required to rent storage?

We require a government-issued photo identification card, such as your driver’s license, passport, or state identification card.

Storage Unit Uses

Can I live in a storage unit?

Living in a storage unit is against the law. Doing so may result in immediate termination of your rental agreement.

Can I store my car or motorcycle in a storage unit?

Yes! Several of our self storage facilities feature vehicle parking to help you create space in your driveway or garage. Contact your local Storage of America facility to learn about vehicle parking availability.

What security features are available?

For your peace of mind, our facilities have 24-hour video recording and security code-enabled, gated entryways to ensure only our staff and tenants have access to the facility.

Do you require rental insurance?

We do require rental insurance at Storage of America. On the day your lease begins, we require proof of insurance or participation in our Tenant Protection Plan. Please contact your facility’s manager for more details.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay for your Storage of America unit with the following forms of payment:

Call your local Storage of America facility ahead of time, as not all locations accept the same payment types.

Do you have handcarts and dollies available at your facility?

To help you save time and effort, many of our facilities provide complimentary carts. Reach out to your nearest facility to confirm availability.

Storage Unit Types

What is climate controlled storage?

Climate controlled storage shields temperature- and humidity-sensitive from warping, cracking, melting, and other environment-related damage. Unlike a standard outdoor storage unit, a climate controlled unit maintains a temperature-controlled, dry interior any time of year.

What is drive-up storage?

Drive-up storage units give you the ability to park your personal vehicle or moving truck directly outside your unit’s door for easier loading and unloading.

Contact Storage of America to Learn More

If you have any questions or concerns about your storage unit, the facility, or how to move into your space, contact your facility’s management team today!