College Student Storage Units

Are you a college student searching for extra space? Look no further. Storage of America offers options for affordable college student storage with units available in many shapes and sizes. Whether you’re heading home for the summer, downsizing to a solo apartment, or needing a place for short-term storage during a move, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn more about how self storage can benefit college students.

College Student Storage Unit Features

Renting one of Storage of America’s college student storage units means you have access to the many amenities and features we offer all our tenants. You’ll have total peace of mind when storing your things with us, as our facilities are all equipped with advanced security measures like video recording and gated entry. We also offer climate-controlled storage units that provide protection from extreme weather conditions, which is especially valuable when storing furniture, electronics, or anything made of sensitive materials like wood, vinyl, or leather.

Additional features offered with our college student storage units include:

What can I keep in a college student storage unit?

There are lots of things that you may keep in student storage, whether your school kicks you out for the summer or you live there year-round. Furniture is one of the most frequently stored items, as you can’t exactly pack your couch or coffee table into your car. You can also keep kitchen gear and other household items you won’t need in storage, waiting until you move back in to pull them out. This is also true for bedding, TVs, winter clothes, and many other things. If you have books or other academic materials you know you’ll need next semester, you can store them here as well.

What benefits come with renting a student climate-controlled storage unit?

If you plan on storing things susceptible to weather damage, you should rent one of Storage of America’s climate-controlled storage units. These spaces are regulated to stay within a steady set of temperatures to prevent fading, warping, discoloration, and more. This is particularly valuable for anyone storing furniture, electronics, or other things made of sensitive materials like wood or vinyl. If you’re looking for summer student storage, you should definitely consider renting climate-controlled storage as the sweltering conditions can wreak havoc on your things.

Where can I find car storage for students?

Heading home for the summer or another break? It may benefit you to leave your car with Storage of America. Many college students don’t end up driving much when visiting home or traveling, and their car ends up just taking up space in the driveway. Renting a car storage space will allow you to securely store your ride right by campus until you return for next semester.

Can college student storage units help during a move?

Of course! One of the groups we see most at Storage of America is students in the middle of moving. Many college towns have lease cycles synchronized around the start of classes, but the dates don’t always line up. Keeping your things in one of our storage units between leases is a great way to keep your things secure and organized while cutting out long drives to your parents’ house or a friend’s place.

How can college student storage help when studying abroad?

One of the most exciting opportunities a college student can get is the chance to study abroad. Do you know what isn’t exciting, though? Figuring out where to keep all of your stuff while you’re overseas. Thankfully, Storage of America offers college student storage units that are the perfect places to keep furniture, electronics, clothes, and more until you return. Renting a storage unit while studying abroad is simple with Storage of America.

Can I rent a college student storage unit for my roommates and myself?

You sure can. Storage of America offers storage units across several sizes and specifications to guarantee you can find enough space for all of your things. This is even true of the biggest Greek life houses or off-campus cribs that have several residents. You can keep your furniture, boxes, kitchen equipment, and more here during a move or for the long term.

Where can I find affordable college student storage units?

College is expensive enough already. You don’t need any extra unnecessary costs thrown in. That’s why Storage of America offers affordable college student storage units that are tailored to any budget. Whether you’re looking for a mini storage unit or a place to keep things while moving, you can find the space you need without breaking the bank with us. We even offer student discounts to help you save up for your studies!

How do I rent a college student storage unit?

With Storage of America, finding the right college student storage unit for you is easier than ever. We offer online storage rentals for college students that come with exclusive rates and deals you can’t miss out on. We also offer a convenient online payment portal that allows you to make transactions from anywhere via your desktop or mobile browser.