Business Storage

Whether you work in retail, manufacturing, construction, or run your own business, there is no such thing as having “too much space” when it comes to the world of commercial enterprise. When your office begins to feel crowded, or your storefront or facility’s limited space is packed to the brim with equipment or inventory, it may be time to look off-site for some extra room.

Storage of America is the location of choice for businesses in need of a convenient storage solution, offering state-of-the-art facilities and features at a rate that works for your budget. We have plenty of room for whatever is taking up too much space at work, whether it’s supplies, furniture, records, and more. When your company needs room to grow, Storage of America is here to support your business however we can.

Helpful Business Features

Looking to expand your business without expanding your footprint, or taking on the large additional expenses that come with moving to a bigger facility? Storage of America is here to help. You’ll find a wide range of features at each of our locations, with friendly storage professionals who are here to assist you with any questions or issues that may pop up. 

Some of our business storage solutions include:

Office Space Rentals

Calling all solopreneurs! When you need a space to work, get creative or just do a little bit of invoicing, rent one of our office spaces available at select facilities. Our office units are a great way to separate your home from your work while providing an affordable space to house your office. Check with your nearest location for office space availability.

Commercial-Sized Loading Bays

Storing furniture for your home staging business or have an overstock of inventory you need to house away from your storefront? Get it here and unload it with ease with the help of our commercial loading bays. Large enough to accommodate semi-trucks and moving trucks, it’s never been easier to unload your items without having to brave the heat or cold.

Flexible, Affordable Monthly Leases

We know that business landscapes can change quickly, which is why Storage of America will never lock you into a long-term storage contract. Our month-to-month leases offer maximum flexibility, so you can stay for as long (or short) of a time as you need.

Climate Controlled Storage

Weather in the Midwest can vary greatly throughout the year, and extreme temperatures can have a negative effect on inventory, supplies, or other items kept in storage units. Climate controlled storage units maintain a consistent environment on the inside, keeping your valuable assets safe from the elements. Whether you need to store electronics, important documents, or extra office furniture, climate controlled storage is the best option. 
Not sure how much space your business needs? Our online size guide can point you in the right direction!

Rent Your Commercial Storage Unit with Storage of America

Whether you need an office oasis, a place to store excess inventory, or a convenient off-site room to act as a filing cabinet, Storage of America has the commercial storage solutions you need for any situation. Contact us online or give your nearest Storage of America location a call to reserve your space today!