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06 Jul
Person sits on floor next to packed moving boxes, contemplating.
Your Guide To Climate-Controlled Storage

When you need self storage for your belongings, it can be hard to choose what type of storage unit to rent. Storage units, like those offered by Storage of America, typically include many amenities that you may or may not need.  In making the decision of whether or not you need climate-controlled storage, it’s best...

22 Jun
Man driving a boat on a lake.
Where To Go Boating Near Indianapolis This Summer

Is it just us, or does it feel like it’s been too long since last summer? Finally, the warmth has returned, and that means it’s time to pull the trusty boat out of storage and hit the water again! If you’re new to the Indianapolis area, or if this is your first summer with a...

09 Jun
A person cleaning the outer surface of a boat with a sponge.
Good-As-New Boat Cleaning Tips To Use This Season

You and your boat might have started the season out in great condition, but it doesn’t take much for your boat to pick up dirt and grime, both on the outside and on your seats, floors, and other surfaces. If you need some boat washing tips to help you get started with boat cleaning, look...

23 May
Keeping Your Furniture Under Wraps While in Storage

If you’re moving to a new home, renovating, or otherwise need to put some of your furniture away for a while, a self storage unit can help you efficiently store furniture. But did you know how to wrap your furniture to prevent it from damage or decay? Taking the time to properly wrap your furniture...

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